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Harlem Shake Pets Edition Harlem Shake Pets Edition

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


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[2008] REBOOT 10 [2008] REBOOT 10

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Hahahah your great

Rebot amazes me for his plot and genuine characters with real fealings. Every character in this saga has a past (normaly a bad one), and a story to tell, every character has fealings, bad and good moments of his life that are linked with the past of other character, making this strange and computer like world "real".
The hole plot may be actualy realy confusing, and sometimes to understand it you will have to see it again, kinda like the Matrix.
Also in this saga we can see Megaman, Zelda, and Mario, but dont think it will lok childish, o no not for one moment is childish, even Mario loks one serious dude making this flash not suitable for small children, it contains gore, assasinations, raping, and a briliant storiline.
I loved this episode right in the start, in the snake part, it was great wen they asked her if they could assasinate her father (i think it was her father), and then lots of eyes apear from the dark.
Also seing the moral and fisical degradation of the characters make this realy serious, for example Render, he starts behaving like Agent Smite (why didnt he apeared in this episode =( ), and the priest dude was also awsome.
Seyng the city burn and crushing people with tetris blocks make this genualy disturbing, some times i just couldnt see, and the grafics are peeerfect, a lil slow but amazing.
This series are also ken on the great musical choise that makes all the mod of the series, the sounds of people being kiled and the great voice work performance gives points to this serie.
Well in the end we get another masterpiece, still im sory to say that episode 9 was alot bether, no wories dho im not disapointed by this epic movie =).

Ps: Plz reply.

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JMartin97 responds:

Thanks for the great review!

You really seem to be paying attention... hopefully you will like 11 as much as 9!

Outlaw pt.1 Outlaw pt.1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

So much potential

Well im puting my trust on you, i gave you a 10/10, and you realy deserved it bcause for a long time i havnt seen an animation series whith this kind of great potential of an even greater story.
The reason i loved this so much is for the nostalgia it brought to me, easly you viewers can identifie inspiration of other movies or games, il explain, first the shot in the cheak that the card guy toked, that moment its great, and i only saw that hapening in the movie Pans Labirint (my favorite movie), second, the gun, that gun was something hot, it was clearly inspired on Alucards gun from the anime "Hellsing", or Neros gun "The Blue Rose" in DMC4, also the contract whith the demon was something like the movie "Ghost Rider".
Whith that said i will now coment the storyline, i truly liked it the concept was full of mistery and potential, just the idea of the demon brought those two back to kill that picture dude was good, but it was even behter ading that lil thing about "the one that kills him first live" was a stoke of genious, i can already forse a great rivality, and great batles betwin those two.
The grafical work was also impresive, all the animation was well created whith minor errors, the voices i cant say muchn about them, but i was a lil disapointed bcause the main character didnt even speaked, and the demons voice was some wat confusing and at the same time apropriated.
That said, i will leave you whith a good luck bcause your gona nead it, im whith some biggg expectations for this series and im hoping the second episode will be up tp it =).

For all the persons reading this plz visit my user page and reviews, and give your thoughts about my pc vs. ps3 batle.

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BiffTheTimid responds:

Thanks a lot for your review, and I'll assure you your trust is not misguided. I drew influence from a lot of different genres, but it's fun to see all of the other things that I've never even heard of or thought about that people are relating my movie to. I do admit, the idea for the one shot was definitely influenced by Pans Labyrinth. There's even a story behind how and why I used that shot that maybe I'll save for another extra in Outlaw Pt.2. Anyways, I'm confident that the next installment will live up to your expectations, if not exceed them. Until then, be on the look out and take it easy.

Metal Gear Awesome 2 Metal Gear Awesome 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

"So you like to play castlevania" lol

Im so hapy that you decided to remake metal gear awsome.Still i got to admite it i was a lil scared when i saw this animation bcause i was afraid it woldnt be up to the fist one, i mean mg awsome is like one of the most iconic and classic animations in newgrounds, its something you just dont forget, it introduced us to the awsome style of drawing and the random and sarcastic humor of the awsome compilations. well i couldnt be ani more wrong, this animation is even bether (i think) than the first one.
The first episode was iconical but this is just playng genious, its the greatest parody to the legendary mgs game for ps2, its all there, the codec ("how does everione gets my number"), the crazy enemies ("hurt me plz, hurt me more"), and Meril ("lalalal not hearing you just looking to you ass").
The grafs dindnt made significal improvements, but thats realy not important bcause their good like this, everibody knows that their supose to look "crapy", but you realy did it in the voices, your gifted, their voices capture the characters essence, like the "manly" voice of solid snake, the crazy and "niger" voice of Raven, and the random and expresionless voice of the enchmen.
Also you made this animation relive some of the most frustating moments of mgs, like the huge and useless speaches of each character that you just dont give a shet and just want to cut some more nechs, also the codec, the late warnings (mines explode "o there are mines in thst field"), and Meril ass =) ( good thing).
The humor is your humor, priceless, you can realy make mgs look funy and realy random whith the crazy humor you like so much, for example the time that snake was so mad that his eyebrowns started to grow and give fruit, and when that dude startes to piss when his scared and wheats jesus and good, just to show you great random and exagerated humor that makes me laught till i die, you can watch this like 4 times and still find it funny bcause of litle funy details that you catch, like the time Snake is like "your hoot" and Jesus substitutes Meril sayng in thay hipe tone "ty bro"
So i must say it was a great surprise that is going strait to my favs list 4 shure, bcause your humor and style that everione apreciates, the great voices, and the crazy grafs will live on our minds 4 ever long.

Ps: Iv made some huge reviews but this is the bigest iet, and atending to the fact you read all coments (i hope =) i was hoping you could ansewr to this one plzz, im a big fan, if not no wories i understand you got work to do.

And for everione on NG chek out my reviews.

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Castle Repercussion - TSR Castle Repercussion - TSR

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Has potential

Being this a teaser i cant say much for now.
I realy love your series, their the most briliant stickman series, the grafics almost make them look like real persons, the music is realy a prof of good taste and leets you "dive" into the animation, the action and the camera are great, and the storiline still not very original but reaky well put toghether, still wat this series has realy special are the characters, i think everibody here agres that you can give a special charisma to the main an even secundary characters, from the misterious Etrious to the General and even to the most mere and comon soldiers, and talking about the soldiers im realy satisfied whith them, in this series their not just "canon meat" their realy efective and hard to kill, and their personalities revele that their "real characters" whith real fealings and ideas.
About this last episode that is going to be realised, i was realy plased to see that you tokk a diferent aproach to the series and puut the "lights" in a mere soldier.
I realy have loots of hopes in this episode bcause for the simple change of characters the series will have a realy 360 twist, from the nearly indestroctible Etrious to a more "helpless" brave butt scared soldier ... briliant, this change will make this new episode look like something like Alien.
O and about the grafs, they may not have evolved much from castle 3, but that wasnt wat i wanted or was hoping for.
Good work and hury i cant w8 !!!

Ps: If you thought this was a big review get re4ady for my review when Castle 4 comes out, it will be a truly EPIC review, stay tuned.

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Awesomefield Awesomefield

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Truly funy and up to the great movie Cloverfield

I must say that that was one of the most enjoyable things iv senn.
This animation was great not just bcause its an "awsome style" flash, its funy bcause if i would ever make a cloverfield spoof i thin i wold do something like this, bcause i was realy intelegent, just by the fact that you piked all humor that could be "hiden" in the movie Cloverfield amazed me.
Of course the grafs werent perfect but being an "awsome style" flash they were prety decent, also the funny and intelegent jokes made me laught loud and hard, i specialy like the one that its like "hey guys we got to go to the city and save Marlena" and then they just went like "looooooool", its funny bcause when i watched the movie i thought the esact same thing, that was pure suicide,
and the flaming hoboes were priceles.
Whith this said i think that this flash was up to Egoraptoe himself, so good work sir. good work.
"Did that hobo bit you r you ok? ..... Can i get your number?" then she just explodes ROFL.

PS: Go and see Cloverfiel that movie is tha sh## (just be shure your not a soft stomach that movie realy makes want to throwup).

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Super Mario bros Z ep 6 Super Mario bros Z ep 6

Rated 5 / 5 stars

All around youtube

Nope im not being lame this deserves all its 10 stars.
Being you the greatest sprite artist alive i must say i simply cant get bether than this, this flash is so famous that you cant go to youtube whithout bumping in to it.
Leets start whith the story, in my simple opinion the storiline is good but it aint badd its just simple and weel thought, but ho am i kiding we all like this series for a other reason, we love this series because it mixes two of the things people most like Super Mario, and the epic anime saga DBZ.
Being that said letss talk about the grafs, the grafs are just like the other sprite animations but wat makes your series so special is the camera, if you didnt noticed iet the camera is perfect, not just is an camera in constant movement reminding again the DBZ series, but it makes the characters look more "real".
But wat is realy impresive are the batles, i cant notice any flawl or glich in the batle sequences, thei are just playing wild.
The characters, and the batles make this a great sucsesfull mix that everione will like to see more than one time, including alsom funy moments ( OVER 9000 LOL).

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Lemon Demon's "Bad Idea" Lemon Demon's "Bad Idea"

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Only the name is a "bad idea" lol

Crazy and funn, that are the words i wold use to descrive this animation.
Making a movie and a song go well whith each other must be prity hard, but i must say you did that just perfectly.
Who wold know that poor man wold seet in a zomby kiling rampage, whith a super uber funy music.
Not only the idea was great but the grafs and the music (being the music the key for this animations succes), the story has some funny twists and the character also has his twists (from a scared poor man to a flame thrower nech cuting zomby slayer).
4 shure one of the best lemon demon songs and flash that made last years halowen be a lil bit more sweet.

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Animator vs. Animation II Animator vs. Animation II

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A great classic

First i like to justifie my 10/10. I think that this animation deserves a full score bcause that i know of this is the only animation in the net (besides A VS A 1) that uses this unique concept about a badly drawned stick fighting against its creator, still just an idea doesnt make a good animation, noogai did a great joob in the interactivity whith the scenaries and even using them as weapons.
The batle betwen animator vs. animation is truly epic and i think that so soon no one will forget this flash.
This is one of the few flashes i know that you can see it more than like 3 times and still find more details that are shure to put you glued in the screnn .
Well enought said this animation is perfect i only hope that your making a third one, or even a game based on this animation (woldnt that kik ass ?).
Just to say great work sir, great work =).

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Waterlollies Waterlollies

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A great masterpiece

This may be the most original series in newgrounds, its like Newgrouns has its own miny Disney.
But about the animation, i always admired the series not just bcause the great storiline and originality, i think everibody agrees that this series have the greatest artwork of alltime, all of the episodes induce one or two more original characters to the "salad" so its alwayes fresh and exiting (like the YuYu, by far the greatest episode.
Well the work of a genious i think, but wat amazes me is that all in the series is perfect, lets faceit, the grafs are priceless, the musical choise is great (again the yuyu being a great example) and the storiline is beautifull and imaginative, i just cant make a bad coment about this series.
Weel just to say peace and good work =).

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