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Cool Story Bro Cool Story Bro

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


Simple Love Simple Love

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


Elf Story Elf Story

Rated 1 / 5 stars


mexipino responds:

Did you not see the mute button? Seriously... people ask for things, like a mute button, I deliver, and people still complain. I don't get it.

Thing-Thing Arena 3 Thing-Thing Arena 3

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Oh yea =D !!!

Yes defenetly the magic of arcade games is that you get the oportunity of just mindless kill every oponent in sceen with no justified or moraly aceptable cause, and you knw what ??? I love it.
Thing Thing has always been fun, the main game is awsome althogh the story line is inconsistent it provides great fun with endless slaughters of minor characters always culminating in a fantastic ultimate boss fight.
The arcade version goes the same way, they leave the story and the bosses behind and keep it simple and still being motivating, come on comiting mass murders and still get rewarded, it cant simply get any better than this.
This one may not be much diferent from the previous Thing Thing arenas, it fixes some problems and adds more awsome weapons to the list but now with the insentive of the new medal sistem, from hilarious "killl your enemy by only froing weapons at them" to the hard "stell pipe ninja".
Still the main addition to this chapter is the execution moves that consist on brutaly murdering your enemy with the stell pipe, shure they could variate alot more by being diferent acording to the weapon that you are holding, still you ae invunerable wile using them ang some times your poor enemies head get impaled in the pipe for added bonus damage, brutal and educational =) (not realy).
So in the end is the best arcade game in NG, chalanging, fun, and blody fantastic (literaly).

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Portal Defenders Portal Defenders

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great new medal sistem

Well NG games were already great as they were, but with this new medal sistem you just have a new incentive to play games again and again, and break your fingers and mental sanity just to get that one trophy that just seams impossible to get, still whats important is this being a great fun game.
The game has a simple gameplay with only one combo set and the bomb special move, shure the gameplay could be more diversed and each characters bomb could be original and diferent, still im not complaning keep it simple and fun right???
As alway a great character design being most of them sprites of some NG flash artists, wich makes the issue hilarious wen you see Tom Fulp eating Luis brains after killing him just to get 10 plus HP.
As I said the gameplay is basic, but the constant bosses and hilarious enemies make it seam deper than it realy ismaking this game more like a tribute game, or a spoof one.
Short frenetic and fun is how I describe it, shure it could be bigger and with more backgrounds, but the unlockable extra characters make it worth playing this fun game once more, oh and did i mensioned that you get to kick hitlers eas at the end ... priceless =) .

Boxhead The Zombie Wars Boxhead The Zombie Wars

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Another fun game

Your Boxhead game series are having a realy big succes.
I think that the reason people love Boxhead is the simplicity of the game, this game is pure fun, simple and amazingly hard, thats why people love this, everione loves kiling random zombies for no reason dresed has Rambo, its such a great combination, and if the the other games of the serie were fun and mad this one is total apocaliptic fun.
The grafical work of the game is almost perfect chosing the path of simple but colerful efects, only disturbed by some bugs here and there.
The gameplay is the real trunth card of the game, its super simple, walk whith the arow keys and shot whith the space bar, and there you go, fun, fast and simple, stil it could be bether I think that most people agre whith me that in this game as well in the other ones of the serie it wold be bether to shot and control the aim with the mouse, it wold be more simple and easier to play but anyway its good like it is now.
In my opinion this is the best chapter of the all serie and the one that brings more "news" as well bcause now you can even build your own base whith turet launchers to protect you fromj the zombies, and the zombies are a greatly improved in this chapter, in the other games there was only the zombie and the demon, and it was so fun that way, but now its even bether bcause there are a lot more classes of beasts, we got mumies that are stronger, we got runers that are faster, ghosts that can teleport, and the demons are so much stronger now, inted of the simple fire ball they used to atak with they now unleash hell himself whith a giant flame tower.
This is a great and adictive game that stil has rom for improvement, for example instead of the same forest map you could make maps whith diferent landscapes for example.

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Drunken Masters Drunken Masters

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I like your stile =)

I liked the stile of this game, first of all the idea of making a bar atending game loked like a fighting game was great, a person that plays it for the first time right at the character select scren we get a nostalgia of some god old classic fighting games like Streat Fighter, or even those smaler fighting arcade games, so i apreciated that lil detail its a point for you god Sir =).
Now lets talk abouut the gameplay, after piking the character (each one whith their special atributs) we are puted in the bar and we get to know Franf, well this guy is also a strike of genious, i always loved the idea of having a "Tuturial" whith a sense of humor and some personality and for that job Frank is great, not just for explaining us the rules and tricks of this game, its more bcause hes a charismatic and funny character that looks like Jorge W. Bush =).
So we have Frank teaching us the rules before we start realy serving, and i got imidiatly amazed whith the dificulty of the game, dont get me worong the Tuturial isnt that hard but i could see the kind of hard has F*ck game this was gona be (but i like chalanges), and boy i was right. It starts of simple and all we got to do is serve some simple drinkes to few persons, then we learn the tricks, this tricks were a great improvement to this tipe of game, you see I have played before a game like this (by far this one is bether), and the concept was almost the same, serve the drink fast before the client gets angry, and this was a very dificult task in the more advanced levels, and the problem was that you couldnt do anithing to stop that good damned bar that keped droping, and this was realy frustrating, so this idea of tricks and special moves you imputed is refreshing to the gameplay and fun to see the clients get delighted whith our crazy moves.
But this concept goes deper when the game gets harder, you see in those harder levels it will be almost imposible to serve and combinate drinks at the speed it would be required, and the clients will eventualy get angry, so at that point of the game you will almost be forced to do those moves to geet the clients hapy and whin money to improve your stats, thats funy, you will literaly have to serve, flip botles, mix drinks, put some ice and lemon all at the same time, you will have to bee the drunken Rambo if you wana pass this game, and i think that its not enouth to bee that, bcause there are so many tipes of drinks and infifity combinations that you will have to know, its crazy and fun.
That said i think you can tell wat kind of game this is, also the music choise is great and the grafical work is priceles.
Great game i hope in the future you will have lots of luck and inspiration for more games whith this quality =).

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Feudalism Feudalism

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

The greatest war game in NG

This as got to be the most entretaning and complete war game around here.
Wel it all starts by piking your character, and the idea of each class has its own weak points and abilities was a realy nice touch that makes you decide the kind of warior that you will be, and at the start that influences alot the game, so its fun to have this feature, but in the end you will eventualy get high at al stats and this will be quicly forgot.
Also the location of the start of the game will change ddepending of the character you chosed, well that was supose to be good but thers a lil problem, if you pick a character they will probably start in the main continent whith loots of places and weaker towns to conquer, but there are some guys (the chinese ones) that if you chose them you will start in a smal island whith your puny town and a realy frkn strong town in front of you, in those cases you will have to gather lots of mony and travel to the main continent.
Stil the god part of this game are realy the tons of weapons, armors, shields, special powered weapons, and units. Its amazing, there are realy realy lots of weapons, and the units are fantastic they can go to a simple warior, to a veteran, to a forest keper, to a knight, and even a dark ninja, whith some time and hard work you will have the army of your dreams, and the same thing to your waarior, its realy cool to equip him whith so many armors, and when you start to find the special weapons, elms and armors (being the best i obtained the "IMORTAL leader elm, price:5000) you can build the ultimate super mega carnage warior.
But the fun doesnt lasts for ever and when you get realy strong the game will get boring bcause your army and your self wil be so strong that you wont even ave to try, the enemies wil be to weak for you.
So this is defenetly a great game but it has rom for a lot of improvement, like, you coul ad some musical features, its stupid that the game has no music, im shure that a great game like this deserves a decent soundtrak.
And our main hero also deserves a lot of new moves, bcause he only has one weapon atak that is the same in almost every weapon, just press the space bar and he ataks, im shure you can make some more ataks to the hero.
But its for shure a great game with lots of potential, in the sequel you could even make a biger world =)

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Super Smash Flash Super Smash Flash

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A good and funn game

This game may be one of the games that people from NG love to play, the simple idea of "dream matches" like mario vs. sonic, and mewtwo vs. cloud makes you defenetly wana play this game and unlock all the great characters.
I got to admite that i realy had a great time playing this game and i found great ideas and of course some erors, but lets leave that for now.
Wat i wana talk now is about the grafs, their realy nothing special and the special efects arnt there, still we got to see this is a rather old game, but lets face it, ho doesnt love sprites? =)
The combat sistem isnt realy inventive but wat mathers is that its realy dinamic and simple, the perfect ingredient for this type of game, every character has about 5 diferent moves, and yea that doesnt sounds much but i dont mather the game is faster and more intense this way, still i wold like to see some special moves.
The sound track is nothing much, letss just say its fun, simple and fits in the game.
Also the character unlock and the variety of match types will literaly glue you to this game, and after you done it all theres good chances that you will come bach for more and just have funn whith your favorite characters.
Now lets talk about some major erors in this game, first of all the unpredictable and iritating fisics that this game has, in this game when you punch an oponent wether he can just bonce of a few inches whith no payn, or he can be projected like a frkn rochet in a spedd of 9000 km/h, and that could be understanded if when you press the atak buton for a long time the oponent wold be projected far away, and if you old it for a shorter periode of time he wold just move a few inches, but no theres no way you can now if hes gona just fall or turn in to a frkn rochetman, and the worst part is that this is also aplied to you, and that can be a realy pain in the eas.
But taking this lil problem away this is for shure one of the best flash games in NG, if not in the hole internet, you realy did a splendid job whith this game, i just love to kick some eas with mewtwo, and for that i thank you (lol a rime =).

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The Last Stand. The Last Stand.

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Impresive and fluid gory fun

This flash is realy impresive and fun, i think it almost redefines survival and defense games, also killing zombies in flash was never this much funn, you just got to love the zombies, thei fell so real =) !! And the weapons, not original, but shure are funn specialy the chainsaw thats realy usefull to kill the zombies near to the wall.
Letts talk about the grafs, i think in first time flashes iv never senn grafs whith this quality, their very fluid and gory, and when you decapitate of cut a zombie in half you realy get the fealing that your playng a high quality flash, still theres rom for improvement.
The sounds arnt genious, but thei can keep the dark mod of the game and give the weapons and the zombies some realism.
Also a good idea in the game is that also that when you kill a "wave" of zombies its given you the option to look for weapons and survivors, a good feature that brings you help and some fresh air.
But the funiest thing in the game are the zombies, you made so many tipes of zombies that we get realy convienced, its not the tipe of game that after killing a enemy 3 seconds later will apear a "clone" of him, no this game is bether than this, some zombies have more endurançe, some more speed, and some have guns, and that is wat i like in this game.
Of corse the major error in this game is the eror in all defence games, theres a certain point in the game that you will become so powerfull and with so many survivors that it will get boring bcause you are almost invincible, still its not a litle stupid thing thats gona ruin a great game like this.
Good work and good luck for further projects.

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