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Shadow of the Colossus 2 ?

2007-10-28 05:53:49 by Emanraike

Well it could be i dont realy know , but the image sugests anothe SotC game , if you look close enouth you can see in the sky that light ( if you played SotC you know wat that light means >:P ) .
Well i think il just have to wait >=) !!!

Shadow of the Colossus 2 ?

I mean come on just go to youtube and see , that is going to be the greatest dbz game ever made , more combos , more speed more characters ( yea can you belive it almost 160 characters ) , well enouth said just buy the fkng game !!!

I cant wait to play dbz bt 3 !!!! >:P


2007-10-13 14:15:30 by Emanraike

Butt i think everi one knoes that
i just wanted to say that fulp is
doing a great joob , i mean this
could be the beast gaming site ever made peace =D !!!


I cant fuking uderstand why i dont get more xp points ive made like 14 reviews and nothing , 5 reviews in each day and nothing .


2007-09-17 14:58:51 by Emanraike

Im new here thats all 4 now .